Cancelled classes & Parking trouble

Hi flowers! 🌻 Welcome to this post by me. Another attempt at writing about my day and such. πŸ“ I started today pretty optimistically even though I had an exam first thing at 10am. For the first time, I actually studied all weekend and I felt really good about how I would do. ☺️

My day got better… when my second class was cancelled. I was so happy I could just relax after the test. πŸ˜† I finished the exam and honestly I felt iffy. I’m not sure how I did and that’s frustrating because I spent so long preparing.

My day took a turn for the worst when I received notice that the neighbors complained about how my boyfriend and I have been parking the cars. The lease says we can only have 2 cars and we currently have 4. But, we can’t park on the street because of a parking ban in the town 😩 so, we were peacefully trying to park in the grass and all. I just don’t understand why people would go and COMPLAIN like that?! And I’m not even mad about the complaint. I’m more upset that the neighbors didn’t address it with us first before going to the landlord and trying to get people in trouble. It’s like immature in my book at least. 🀬 but, I don’t know guys. I think I’ve figured out where I’m going to have to move my car. I hope it all works out. Positivity is the key factor in all situations πŸ€—

Thanks for reading my journal. Follow my blog for moreposts like this! Until next time -🌸