Tips to de-stress

Hi flowers 🌸 it’s been a couple of days and I apologize. I’m running into some exams for school, and needing time to study. But, during this time I also need to remind myself to de-stress so here’s some helpful tips for YOU! 🌻

-Just remind yourself to breathe. Take a moment when you feel your heart beating too fast to take a deep breath. You’ll be amazed at the impact.

Meditate. I don’t mediate enough and it’s sad because every time I’ve done it, I’ve felt rejuvenated after. I think more people should take 5-10 mins and find their calm. (Including me) 🌻

Essential oils There are so many options out there for essential oils you can diffuse to bring a sense of relaxation to your air. Diffusers don’t have to be expensive either. You can get a simple one for $20 with a $10 bottle of oil. My favs are lavender and peppermint 😌

-Do something you enjoy! Take a break from learning and do something you love. Watch a video, play a video game or whatever it is. πŸ€—

Well, there you go! That’s my simple list for de-stressing. Hope it was helpful? β™₯️

-until next time 🌸