Why are people crappy?

Hi flowers 🌸 today, I am diving into a question I’ve come about which is why are people so crappy? Why do people love to take advantage of you? Excuse the current rant this might turn into. Fair warning 😩😩😩😩😩

People just talk so much crap about how there are no nice people in the world, and everybody should stop being an asshole, but then when you finally find a good, friendly person; that person gets taken advantage of. It’s like you ask for nice, but nice can’t exist in this world because people just take advantage of sincerity, and friendliness now a days.

Honestly how sad. I guess everyone has a little bit of asshole in them, but I’ve met a few and I mean a few genuinely nice people. It’s sad to say that those people constantly get treated like crap because people realize they won’t say no to running an errand, or doing something for you, because they are too nice. 🤬

Is there even such a thing as too nice though? I don’t know. Jeez. I clearly needed this rant flowers. Sorry for the negativity. 🌸 I’ll end it with a tweet I found really relevant in my current life situation.

Tweet: In 2017, I’ve lost a lot of respect for people.

Until next time -🌸