A college girls day off

Hi flowers 🌸 welcome to another blog post. Hope you’re having a lovely day! I spent all day yesterday relaxing and taking a day off from my studies 😌 it was seriously amazing to just breathe and be stress-free for a day.

I took some photography to show you guys what I did β™₯️

First, I did some planning in my notebook. I planned out the week ahead because..ONE MORE WEEK UNTIL THANKSGIVING!

Then, I played some video games. Right now I’ve been loving Super Mario odyssey. πŸ™€ it makes me rage, and it’s just an all around fun game.

Lastly, I snacked on candy and caught up on GOSSIP Girl! The candy is old Halloween candy and I know I can’t let it go to waste 😸 and gossip girl is my go-to show on Netflix right now. It’s dramatically brilliant if you ask me…

That’s how I spent my day off yesterday πŸ™‚ Thanks for reading! Follow this blog for more!!

Until next time-🌼