Car Love (My first ride)

Hi flowers 🌸 hope all is well in your world 🌟 my world changed completely this summer. August 10th specifically: because that was the day I bought my first car!

To be honest, I worked my butt off for this car. I saved 1,000 to put a down payment on it, so I could afford it and it’s NOT EASY FOR ME TO SAVE MONEY. I ALWAYS SPEND IT πŸ˜‚

As I got to the dealership, the car I walked out with wasn’t the one I was planning on. I was actually planning on a Subaru but after test driving a Honda Element and being shown how unique it was I was SOLD πŸ˜©πŸ€—My dad even helped me out and put an extra 1,000 down on it so my car payment would be lower. I walked out with my beautiful Honda Element. Just look at it 🀲

Color: Blue Style: Square or kinda toaster like :3 Dealership: Honda Miles: 52,000 Car payment: $259/month I drove it all around town the day I got it and took some extra pictures of it sitting in my driveway so here’s some of that photography to end this post 🍎

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