Must-Listen To Comedy Podcasts

Good morning flowers 🌸 I don’t know about y’all but I love to start and end my day with a good podcast. It’s just a way to relax, laugh, and re energize for me πŸ™‚

So, for that reason I wanted to take some time to share some podcasts you should check out and listen to πŸ’‘

Comedy podcasts: Views with David Dobrik & Jason Nash.

Just seriously hilarious. They both have a love hate relationship and that makes the podcast so interesting and comedic. They are both You-tubers too.

Psycho Babble by Tyler Oakley

This one is comedy and culture based honestly. It’s kind of pop culture and I love the topics. They give dating advice, talk embarrassing moments and much more.

The Basement Yard by Joe Santagato (hope I spelled his last name right)

Another youtuber who fights with his brother and just debates about stupid pointless things like fast food restaurants, but sooo entertaining.

Thanks for reading flowers 🌸 appreciate it very much! ☺️ Until next time🌸