Weird/Random Facts I’ve Learned In College

1. You think there’s no way you can get the “freshman 15” until you decide you want French fries with every meal.

2. People really DO wear shorts when it’s snowing outside.

3. People DO still act like middle schoolers even though they are in college.

4. Just because homework is assigned doesn’t mean I’m going to do it.

5. People WILL come to class in their pajamas.

6. Wearing sweatpants and a crappy t-shirt is somehow the norm.

7. Writing an essay that’s supposed to be 10 pages turns into a 5 page paper with wide margins and bigger periods.

8. People will show up for a lecture that ends at 10:50 at 10:45, and I don’t know why.

9. Roommates will either suck and ruin your whole college experience or be the best friends you ever had.

10. Don’t bring your best friend to the same college. She WILL find someone better, and establish a better friend group.

11. If you feel lonely, the person you can always count on: is your MOM. Seriously, call her.

12. People will dye their hair. ALL TYPES OF COLORS.

Thanks so much for reading this! You’re awesome flowers 🌸

Until next time 🌸