Autumn: Reasons To Love The Season 

Hi flowers 🙂 ahhh I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving, of course all who celebrated! Anywhoo, today I wanted to share some of the reasons we should All love the Autumn season! Since winter is just around the corner and so is Christmas, I figured we should cherish Autumn one last time 🌸

  1. Going pumpkin picking
  2. Breaking out comfy pajamas
  3. Drinking hot tea
  4. Walking around in the beautiful nature
  5. Watching the leaves fall from your window
  6. Jumping in the leaves because you can
  7. Drinking apple cider because it’s delicious
  8. The family time that comes at thanksgiving
  9. It’s pie season!!
  10. Sitting at football games with your friends
  11. You can finally drink hot chocolate
  12. Carving pumpkins

That’s all I can think of at the moment flowers 🌸 if you can think of any reasons to love the season that I missed out, please leave them down below and chat with me.

All hail Autumn, we will see you next year 😊

Until next time 🌸