Hi flowers, and welcome to another post 😊 today I want to do something simple and just shout out the wonderful pets in our life. Let’s mark tribute to our non-human best friends 😁

How this will work: Basically, leave a comment below telling me what type of animal you are paying tribute to, their name and what you love about them 🙂

Today I’m going to tribute my Newfoundland doggie named Louise. We got her when she was just a puppy and we have had her ever since. I miss her so much, as I’ve been away at school, and I love that she knows when I’m sad and comes and gives me cuddles, and licks my face. 😆❤ I love you weezie (nickname)

Have you payed tribute to YOUR PET yet? Whatever it may be, leave a comment and let them know they are ❤. Thanks so much for reading 🌸 and here’s to the lovely pets of the world 😀

Until next time 🌸