Favorite Fast Food Restaurants 

Hi flowers 🌸 today im going to share with you my favorite fast food restaurants and what I order 😁


What I order: A quarter pounder and a medium french fry


What I order: A $5 box. I like the one with chicken potato wedges, and a cookie

🍔Panera Bread

What I order: You pick two. A bowl of chicken noodle soup, and half a tuna salad sandwich.

🍔Taco Bell

What I order: Three doritos locos tacos, and cheesy fiesta potatoes


What I order: A six inch tuna on wheat or a meatball marinara on wheat

And.. that’s it for this blog post. 😃 Thanks for always reading flower community. I’m going to be posting regularly twice a week now. No specific day though. I’ll see you all next week flower community 🌸

Tell me your favorite restaurant and what you order? 🍔