A Look At Myself Through 2017

Hi flowers 🌸 today I wanted to share my life in the form of pictures because I wanted to show a transformation of myself from the beginning of 2017 to the end 😊

The beginning of 2017 😃

I was pretty much my regular self. I had never made any spontaneous choices but I was happy. I loved food, and was going through college 😊

Middle of 2017

Right around the time I decided to cut my hair all the way down into a pixie. 🙂

End of 2017

The growth process began, and honestly I feel so much more relaxed. My anxiety is down a ton, and I feel my smile is genuine. 😁

Thanks for reading flowers 🌸 That’s all I got for this blog post. 😊 PS, I decided my new years goals are to relax more, focus on me, be more organized, and blog more 😃