3 COMMON Hobbies That Will Inspire You 

Hi flowers 🌸 Welcome to another blog post. I know it’s so cheesy to say that everytime but I really always want my readers to feel welcome. 😊 2018 is here, and I know during the new year a lot of people change up their hobbies, or look for new ways to get inspired!

I’m sharing three ways that can help you get inspired.


Clearly, I know a lot of people know that photography can make you feel inspired. But the thing is, rarely do people act on it. If you are EVER in a slump, I encourage you to go out and take some pictures. It doesn’t have to be taken with some quality camera, it just has to be able to snap the photo. Observe nature, or capture a smile. There’s nothing like photography to get you full of happiness and inspiration.


People these days only write when they need to, like for work or school or something. But, you don’t have to make writing a chore. You can write funny stories that inspire you to create in your everyday life. Write down something you want to do in your life, something you hope to accomplish. There are endless possibilities available to inspire.


Okay I know this one is weird but I promise it works. There is nothing like singing to fill that rut you have. Turn up the music and sing your heart out to your favorite song. Really feel the lyrics, and understand what they mean to you. I swear by my heart you’ll be inspired to do great things, and totally happy by the time the song is over.

And that’s going to wrap up today’s blog post. Thank you so much for joining me, and for reading. Writing these in my free time has been nothing short of a blessing, and thank you for helping my blog grow. Flower community is the best community 🌸😊