Winter Morning Routine 

Hi flowers 🌸 First off, I want to say HAPPY NEW YEAR 💥 Welcome to 2018, and thanks for being a consistent community I can count on 😊

Today I want to share my winter morning routine.

7am: I’ve been trying to wake up at this time. I hate feeling like the day is wasted, and I would prefer to wake up happy with the sun. I have been trying to stay away from my phone during this time, and do a quick meditation.

7:30am: Usually, I make my way down to eat breakfast. Around this time, I’ll also scroll through social media or check my email to see what’s been going on. Also, I do my best to drink some tea. In the winter it’s so good and cozy. I love chamomile because it decreases my anxiety.

8-noon: This is a completely honest blog so to be perfectly honest during this time I just relax. Usually, I’ll lay around in my room in a cozy blanket, or watch youtube videos I’ve missed 😁 or catch up on the netflix series that I’ve started. For the winter season, I’m currently binging Grey’s Anatomy, and Gossip Girl. Then hopefully I eat something for lunch. 😂

That about wraps up my morning 😀 Not as productive as I want it to be, but it does give me time to gather myself before a hectic day does start. I’ve been trying to appreciate life a little more. I think we all could. 😊

Thanks for reading flowers. I’ll be posting regularly twice a week from now on.