What’s On My Samsung Galaxy S8? 

Hi flowers 🌸 welcome back to another blog post. Over the years, I’ve loved to watch videos on this topic. Figured I would do one myself 😊

For the record before we start, I had an iPhone for 4 years before I switched to a galaxy. If you’re interested in knowing why I switched, I can do a seperate post for next week!

Buuuut.. here’s the layout of my phone 😊

My lock screen is very simple. The theme I’m currently using is from the CM launcher. It’s very relaxing, and it calms any anxiety I might have through the day.

When I unlock my phone, my first page on the homescreen is filled with my most used apps. The apps I use regularly and everyday are all the way at the bottom. My background is like a blurry teal because that’s my favorite color. 😁

Now to move on to my favorite apps. Right now my two favorite apps are we heart it, and I heart radio 😊 We heart it is such a great app for inspiration. Similiar to pinterest, you can inspire yourself with photographs, read articles and much more.

I heart radio is just how it sounds. A radio app! You can listen to radio, search for regular music, or catch up on podcasts. Here are the podcasts I currently follow 😸

And that wraps up this blog post! Thank you so much for reading flowers 🌸 If you have any suggestions, chat with me in the comments. See you all next week! 😊🌸