Florida School Shooting 2018: I Have To Say Something

Hello everyone. Welcome back to my blog. This blog post was not planned by the way. Today, on Valentine’s day.. someone walked into a high school in Florida and starting shooting. Excuse this rant but I have a few things to say..

I can’t believe there was another school shooting. And in a high school for that matter. What the actual crap is wrong with people of this country? It’s Valentine’s day. A day about love. And someone so sick mindedly is going to purchase a gun and shoot up a school. These people are too young to have to witness this. The fear. The shreddings of classmates, teachers, and friends.. it absolutely blows my mind that someone would consider making a scene of an American school such a blood bath. Do you think those kids wanted this? No they didn’t. This is why we need stricter gun laws. Even thinking about myself in a situation like that makes me feel physically ill, and someone in their nasty mind would put a whole school in that scene. Imagine if it was you. In that classroom just sitting there minding your own business when someone you don’t even know barges in with a gun and starts shooting up your class. The human instinct is to run to safety. Sometimes it’s to protect people that are close to you. To create such a disturbing atmosphere. Where you are the authority with a weapon that can kill as much as you want.. you know those kids have nowhere to go. Not fast enough. Not quicker than the bullets in your gun. It’s disgusting. I hope the devil catches up with you.. you sick minded fuck. Those kids had their whole lives ahead of them..

Do you think we should have stricter gun laws?