Winter Night Routine

Hi flowers 🌸 Welcome back to my blog. For todays post, I’m going to be sharing my Winter Night Routine.. I did a Winter Morning Routine as well which you can check out here 🌞. Anyways, lets get right into this post!

  • 4-5PM

At this time, I am usually still playing video games. I like to use video games as a way to relax, so I’ll cozy up with a big blanket and grab my Nintendo switch controller!! I have recently been obsessed with racing others on Mario Kart. ⭐️

  • 5-7PM

This is around the time I will eat dinner. In the Winter, some of my favorite meals are stews, pasta, and soup. Anything filling that warms your heart is something I enjoy. 🍡🍝

  • 7-8PM

Usually around this time, You can catch me drinking a cup of tea. Also, you can catch me watching YouTube videos. I like to catch up on anything I’ve missed throughout the day. Some of my favorite YouTubers are LaurDiy, Colleen Ballinger, and Liza Koshy. 🌼

  • 8-11PM

This is my wind-down time. The time I like to lay in bed, maybe browse Pinterest or catch up on some blogs. I love to get into something comfy, preferably an oversized shirt and just practice relaxation techniques. I will also journal during this time if I’m feeling particularly anxious. 🌻

That’s going to wrap up this post!! Thank you so much for reading. My birthday is TWO DAYS AWAY!! 21 here I come! 🌺πŸ’₯ I’ll probably write my next post on my birthday which is Tuesday, so see you then flowers!! 🌸