Hot Topic Birthday Haul

Hi flowers.. 🌸

It’s time to show you the lovely clothing items I bought from Hot Topic yesterday.

Let’s start with Netflix related items.

First up is Stranger Things T-Shirt

The T-Shirt says The world is turning upside down..

Next up is from the Netflix show Riverdale

Riverdale Bulldogs Jogger Pants

Then we have two free shirts I was able to purchase due to sales going on in the store πŸ˜„

Red Hot Chilli Peppers T-Shirt


Pokemon Trainer T-Shirt

Last but not least are the band sweatshirts I purchased..

Paramore Sweatshirt

And my favorite purchase of the day..


That’s going to wrap up the haul 😊 Thanks so much for reading flowers!

PSA: I upgraded my blog theme! What do you think? Easy to follow?