Why I Chose Sociology As My College Major

Hi flowers 🌸

Welcome back!

There are several reasons why I chose sociology as my major in school. To be honest, sociology was not my first choice.. in fact journalism was. But, I soon became in tune with the fact that people really interest me!

Do you ever people watch? Just watch people live out their lives, and wonder..hmmm.. why do they do that?

Why do they act a certain way? I DO! And that’s one of the reasons I want to study sociology.

Another is because.. I don’t believe in social norms. I don’t believe that society should have a set of rules and expectations that we have to follow. Everyone is entitled to their own perceptions of things.

What’s right to me might not be right to someone else, and that’s why I chose sociology.

Because I want to get into other people’s heads and figure out why they think the way they do. ☺️

Anyways, this was a post I felt I should share for anyone struggling with picking a major for school. 😊