If We Were Having Coffee…🍡 (#1)

Hi flowers 🌸 Good morning loves.

Today I found myself picking up a mocha latte to get my day started so I thought why not update you all on my life?

So if we were having coffee…

  • I would tell you I have a really busy day starting with two classes and then work until 9:30 pm.
  • I would explain I have way too many clothes in my closet I need to donate because I don’t wear them anymore.
  • I would tell you I’m embarrassed and a little stressed that I’m uncapable of saving money.
  • But I would also say someone told me I have pretty eyes this morning and made me happy.
  • I would tell you I’m sick of winter and would love for spring to arrive.
  • I would tell you I want to collect more cds for different bands.
  • I’m in a neutral mood and need to find a way to embrace positivity.
  • I’m sitting in statistics class and I’m writing this instead of paying attention.
  • I’d tell you I’d rather be playing video games.
  • And I need to buy a new winter coat for next season because my current one is squeezing my arms.

Wow I guess I never shut up. I’m sorry for this post 😁

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