20 Things On My Anti-Bucket List

Hi flowers 🌸

Welcome back to my blog.

Today instead of sharing with you my bucket list, I’m going to do the opposite. I will be sharing the things I don’t want to do or experience in my life. Some of these are fears I have, and some are just things I’d prefer not to come upon. Enjoy 20 things on my Anti-bucket list!

  1. Drama
  2. Jealousy
  3. Any type of surgery
  4. Anything that has to do with spiders
  5. Food poisoning
  6. The Flu
  7. Throwing up in general
  8. Mosquito Bites
  9. Waking up with allergies
  10. Choppy water while on a boat
  11. Knowing you have bad breath
  12. Having a dry throat
  13. A house break-in
  14. The feeling of being broke
  15. Being stung by a bee/wasp
  16. Breaking a bone
  17. The words “I hate you”
  18. Getting bit by a dog
  19. Being stuck on a roller-coaster
  20. Waking up to a fire

That’s just SOME of the things on my anti-bucket list. If you would like a part 2 of this, please let me know!

Also, do you relate to these? What’s on your anti-bucket list? I WANT TO KNOW!!