Storytime: I Got My First Speeding Ticket // Lifestyle

Hi flowers 🌸

Okay so obviously you can see by the title that I have officially gotten my first speeding ticket. πŸ˜”

Yep. Yesterday I got pulled over by the cops.

Now I know what you’re thinking…well maybe I do. But let me tell you what I’m thinking and how it happened.

First off, I am not a speeder. I don’t usually speed, but yesterday I was trying to get to my class on time and a cop happened to catch me going 72 in a 55. I’ve never been pulled over before..

So I feel as if I went through several stages of emotion during this time

  • Stage 1 – Oh my God did that cop just see me?
  • Stage 2- Oh no he’s following me.. what do I do?
  • Stage 3- He’s pulling me over. Crap.
  • Stage 4- okay I’m officially freaking out
  • Stage 5- Wow he really gave me a ticket?
  • Stage 6- Crying because I’m stressed and annoyed
  • Stage 7- Gotta call my parents and tell them
  • Stage 8- I just have to own up to it and take care of it now
  • Stage 9- I’m okay but I won’t do it again
  • Stage 10- let’s get this ticket mailed in and pay it. It was my fault

As you can see… These were all of the emotions I had while receiving my ticket yesterday. Like I said, I’m not a speeder and I’ve never gotten a ticket before.. but this was a first for me.

However, I keep smiling and moving forward. I’m taking care of it and that’s all the more reason to learn from it and stay smiling.

Thank you SO much for reading my experience!! Have you ever gotten a ticket? How do you think you would react? 😯😊

Much love!