Strange Childhood Dreams I’ve Had

Hi flowers 🌸

I’ve had some wacky dreams during my time growing up as a kid. Although it seems that every dream I did have.. was a nightmare. Or something scary. This is why being a kid is so hard 😯 you’re literally being tossed around, and your emotions are developing and it’s just a tough life.

Anyways, let’s get onto the dreams I remember 😊

Dream #1: I dreamed I was at my old playground from when I went to catcholic school. I climbed up on this wooden plank and looked out into the field only to find a skeleton running my way 😓 I begin to run only to trip in the dirt.. my dad is at the playground and I shout at him for help? He doesn’t save me.

Dream #2: I dreamed I was home alone and a bunch of cars started pulling up in my driveway. They were all criminals trying to kill me, and somehow they got into my house. Still not sure if I survived that one or not 🤔

Dream #3: I dreamed I was in an elevator when a girl I knew got on to ride. The elevator door shut and we started to make our way to the floor we selected.. except the elevator never stopped.. it went all the way to the ceiling then stopped before dropping down to the floor. The door opened on the way down and the girl riding with me got thrown out.

Dream #4: I dreamed I went to visit my grandparents house and as I walked in, their house was a haunted rollercoaster. I thought it was a prank at first so I got in and started laughing. Little did I know.. as I was riding I got visits from people in my life that had passed away and they were all possessed or something. Literally scariest rollercoaster ride of my life.

That’s the end of all of the dreams I remember! I hope you enjoy reading this post and I’m going to be taking the weekend off! I’ll see y’all on Monday! Have a great weekend 😊