What Have I Been Up To?

Hi friends! How are you guys? I’m doing well (thanks for asking 😝)

It has finally cleared up in Buffalo. It is reaching temperatures of 50, and 60’s and climbing! It feels so great. I’m someone who quickly gets over the winter months because I feel like it’s so dark, gloomy, and everyone is sad.. is it just me? Lol sorry for my cringeworthy self while writing this..

I discovered the beauty of owning a camera recently. I have had one for years, but I never really filmed anything. Now, I have my own YouTube channel, and I feel like I’m always grabbing my camera to film or take pictures. Some may say it’s a bad thing that I’m not living in the moment, but I find joy in all the memories I produced.

-I went to Starbucks today too. I ordered this weird drink called a pink drink lol. It was very fruity, and had coconut milk. I recorded my experience for your entertainment. Here is my reaction, and that video!


Love y’all. Keep me posted with your own lives as well.